About James Stevens

James Steven’s is from Pangbourne in Berkshire. He has a 2:1 degree in Ecology (Bsc) from Norwich University of East Anglia (aka Norwich UEA!) in 2004. After living and working in Norwich for 2 years, he travelled exetensively in India for 4 months in the early part of 2006. Back home after the epic epiphany that was India… he found himself at a loose end back home in Pangbourne. He decided to accept an invitation to live in the great UK city of Bristol!

James enjoyed the Bristol life from Oct 2006, through to December 21st 2009. Many of James’s comrads from other eras of life came to live in Bristol during that time as well. During the year 2009, James was wondering what to do next in life. He needed a new challenge, new adventures. Teaching in Korea seemed like an ideal proposition… a totally new culture to explore, secure employment and well paid. It could also be a platform to launch a teaching career.

This blog was set up by Alex des Forges… one of James’s most longterm friends and partner ‘in crime’ (not literally of course!) in Bristol. I hope it will give his family, friends and anyone else a fascinating insight into the new life for James!


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